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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lindsay Lohan is not for the faint of heart ‘Liz & Dick’

 exec: ‘Producing a movie with Lindsay Lohan is not for the faint of heart’

File this under under “things we already assumed”: Larry Thompson, executive producer of Lifetime original movie “Liz & Dick” told reporter on a conference call today that, “producing a movie with Lindsay Lohan is not for the faint of heart,” and he turned “50 shades of white” during production.

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor on "Liz & Dick" (Richard McLaren - Lifetime) Thompson was on the phone plugging with the debut of the film, premiering Nov. 25, starring Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as her husband Richard Burton (whom she divorced twice).

Lohan, as you may remember, delayed production a mere four days into filming after getting in a car accident — when she wasn’t supposed to be driving — and showed up hours late on set. A week later, paramedics responded to a 911 call after the actress was found unconscious in her hotel room. (Her rep later said she was exhausted and just taking a nap.)

Anyway, Thompson reiterated repeatedly during the call that there were inherent “risks” with hiring Lohan to do the movie, but her performance as Liz Taylor was worth the reward.

“I’ve certainly worked with actresses whose behavior during production was less problematic than Lindsay,” Thompson said. “But I can say that she truly has been ... the perfect person to play Elizabeth Taylor, and that her performance is truly riveting.”

Thompson shared that when he decided to hire Lohan, there were serious challenges due to her probation, and there wound up being pages of “what if” clauses.

“She might be the most insured actress who ever walked on a sound stage,” Thompson said, adding that his production company tried to insure themselves aganist things that could — and, like the car accident, did — happen.

A huge fan of Liz Taylor — his mother was obsessed with her, and he named his own daughter after the actress — Thompson continually gushed about Lohan embracing the role, being a somewhat kindred spirit with Taylor.

Thompson also speculated about why people are so fascinated by trainwreck celebrities, a la Lohan and Taylor.

“When you have a reckless and wanton disregard for the norm, while people themselves would not want to live that life, they find it fascinating to watch,” he said. [Lohan] literally at this time in her life knows no boundaries. And that becomes dangerous, that becomes exciting.”

Lindsay Lohan With Porn Star in New Film Trailer

Lindsay Lohan Gets Cozy With Porn Star in New Film Trailer

The new trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, ”The Canyons,” looks almost like a parody.
The 1950s-style trailer describes the movie’s writer, Bret Easton Ellis, as a “Twitter-obsessed author” and the director, Paul Schrader, as a “never-nominated director.”
The black-and-white trailer appears to be playing off the real lives of stars Lindsay Lohan and so-star James Deen, who previously worked in porn. Lohan’s character, Tara, is described as a “sensuous woman,” and Deen, as a “potent new-screen personality.”
The movie is described as a “contemporary L.A. noir,” and the trailer hints that its audience might not be in theaters.
“‘The Canyons,’” coming soon to an Internet server of your choice,” the trailer says.

actress Lindsay Lohan have canceled an interview with Barbara Walters

.• The unnamed 23-year-old who had claimed he had sex seven years ago with Kevin Clash, the puppeteer behind Sesame Street character Elmo, recanted his story yesterday. “He wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship,” said the law firm Andreozzi & Associates.

• New representatives for actress Lindsay Lohan have canceled an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20. “Lindsay doesn’t feel up to it. . . . She has a lot of problems, and it was just one more,” Walters said she was told. LiLo will appear Tuesday on The Tonight Show WithJay Leno.

• The boy band One Direction will make a 3-D movie for release in August, singer Niall Horan revealed yesterday on Today.

• Tia & Tamera star Tamera Mowry and her husband, Fox News correspondent Adam Housley, welcomed their first child, son Aden John Tanner Housley, on Monday in Los Angeles. He arrived two weeks late.

• Free-agent outfielder Nick Swisher — the former Ohio State and New York Yankees player — and his wife, Animal Practice co-star JoAnna Garcia, are expecting their first child in the spring.

• The rock band INXS is calling it quits after 35 years, drummer Jon Farriss revealed this week.

— Compiled by Dave Poole

Lindsay Lohan in 'Liz and Dick' -- let's give it a chance

"THERE IS no deodorant like success," said Elizabeth Taylor.

I DON'T know about you but I've seen the movie trailer to the coming Nov. 16 "Liz and Dick" and although I know it won't be a patch on the real-life Burtons of movie fame, I just can't wait to catch Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor!

Since I traveled with Elizabeth and Richard back in the day and wrote about their tempestuous passionate marriage in London, Paris, Rome, New York, L.A. and Leningrad, I feel like a minor authority.

But, consider the fallout from the recent Lindsay Lohan-nixing of a Barbara Walters interview on ABC's "20/20". Who knew that umpteen years ago, in 2006, at a pre-Oscar party in the home of super agent Bryan Lourd, I was the person who went across a crowded room and corralled a young actress named Lindsay, saying to her, "There is someone here you need to meet"?

Lindsay came with me willingly and I took her to the fireplace where I said, "Lindsay, this is Barbara Walters!"

So it all started back then. At the time, Lindsay Lohan seemed really innocent, super sweet and delighted to meet a legend. I think today, this talented girl, aiming for a true comeback, should control her new PR advisers and keep to her original commitments to interviewers of stature.

But she hasn't taken any advice from me in a long, long time, so why would she start now?

P.S. Although there were cries of horror from Taylor fans when Lindsay was cast in "Liz and Dick," I wrote that the casting made some sense -- there were parallels in their lives -- child star with troublesome parents becomes voluptuous teen vixen, undereducated and overindulged. (When Lindsay was 16, I commented that she was "inherently dramatic," just like La Liz.)

The difference is that Taylor was a protected MGM jewel and the press was not quite as voracious back then. Ironically, it was Taylor's later, scandalous love life that helped create the paparazzi that hounds Lindsay today! Elizabeth had many habits and romances that were carefully hidden or re-tooled by the old image-makers. By the time Elizabeth broke away and was an independent entity, eating and drinking and loving just as she pleased, she was beyond being hurt by "bad" publicity. Scandal only enhanced her stardom. Lindsay has not been so lucky.

So it is refreshing to find I am not alone in saying, "give the girl a chance," as Elizabeth Taylor. Writer M.G. Lord in The Hollywood Reporter did a bang-up job comparing the two, and coming to the conclusion that if Lohan can model herself on the best aspects of Taylor's survival instincts, she too, might survive. Rather than be devoured like Marilyn, Judy, Monty, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson and others.

The writer says that "few in the Taylor camp are pleased" by the movie or its star. Taylor's children are especially horrified, but he still sees hope for "Liz and Dick" and also Miss L. So do I, but we shall see.

In any case, Lord writes, with some perception, that "Taylor and Lohan will always be linked because their breakthrough movies, 'National Velvet' and 'Mean Girls' were shockingly feminist -- the sort of movies every young woman must see to make her way confidently in the world. The heroine of each faces gender discrimination and wins."

SPEAKING OF The Hollywood Reporter, on Dec. 5 they hold their annual "Women in Entertainment" event. This celebrates the 100 most powerful women in entertainment. The coveted Sherry Lansing Leadership Award this year goes to the one and only Diane Keaton, who will be recognized as a "pioneer, mentor and philanthropist." She joins the ranks of Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda and Barbara Walters.

Diane's brilliance as an actress goes without saying.

Oh, wait just a minute! I just happened to peruse the Shelley Ackerman "Sol Power" astrology column and no wonder the General David Petraeus-Paula Broadwell "thing" happened.

Both these star-crossed people are Scorpios! And we know sex, love and jealousy belong to that astrological sign. Here's a bit of Shelley:

"If there was ever any doubt about the life-altering impact of a solar eclipse ... both Scorpios ... had big birthdays this week, just days before the Nov. 13 solar eclipse and both are under the influence of Saturn (now in Scorpio) and Mercury ... Petraeus turned 60 on Nov. 7 and Broadwell 40 on Nov. 9, the day that everything exploded in the press.

"Eclipses are not always bad, nor are they to be feared. They are, however, often associated with profound changes in the lives of individuals and in the collective ... Scorpio's rulership of sex, secrets and organizations such as the CIA and FBI, hence the on-point celestial symbolism of the affair between a married woman and a married man who just happened to be head of the CIA, exposed within days of a Scorpio eclipse."

Whatever all that means, but it's kind of interesting to read.

JUST A few weeks ago, everybody was saying this year's overall box office was pretty bad. Hollywood was depressed. But recent critical and financial successes such as Ben Affleck's "Argo," Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph" and but of course, the phenomenal "Skyfall" have lifted spirits.

The next "Twilight" film is also expected to kill at the box office (helped mightily by the "scandal" that turned Kristen Stewart into a scarlet woman -- a scandal more and more people feel was just an old-fashioned PR stunt.)

And despite a stunning divorce, a libel lawsuit (against In Touch magazine) and continued kvetching by fans of Lee Child's books, Tom Cruise's "Jack Reacher," which opens Dec. 21, is slated by insiders to be another Cruise smash. See, a happy ending for poor little Hollywood. I knew you'd be thrilled.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Twitter Account

o you follow Lindsay Lohan on Twitter? If you aren't one of the 4.5 million people who do, then we suggest you start right now -- because the majority of her tweets will have you asking, "WTF?"

That's right, Lohan has one of the most (unintentionally) hilarious Twitter accounts in existence, and her musings show just how disconnected she is from the rest of the world and its perception of her.

The 26-year-old actress has used the micro-blogging site in the last few months to weigh in on everything from tax rates for Forbes-listed millionaires,to the presidential debates,to Hurricane Sandy -- which for some reason she re-named "Sally."

While it's also amusing to see Lohan share some inside jokes with Lady Gaga about their sleepover, her social media presence isn't doing her any favors. Celebrities use Twitter to endorse products, build their brand and connect with their fans, but Lohan's tweets only beg for abuse. In fact, an unnamed PR exec recently explained to the New York Daily News that Lohan's tweets are making it harder for her to find a new publicist:

"You can’t even control her social media —she’s tweeting things!" the executive said.

You can't control Lindsay Lohan. Many have tried and many have failed. Without further ado, we bring you Lindsay Lohan's most WTF tweets:

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