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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's Father lashed out at her Publicist abusive text.

Lindsay Lohan’s long-time publicist Steve Honig has reportedly resigned.
Steve has represented the troubled 26-year-old actress for almost two years.

In this time period Lindsay was involved in a nasty car accident, discovered unconscious in a hotel room, arrested for a hit-and-run, a suspect in a jewellery heist and involved in a physical altercation with her mother Dina, amongst other incidents.
TMZ reports that Steve finally had enough following her father Michael’s failed intervention with the star last Friday.
Michael claimed that Lindsay’s media relations team backed him in his endeavour to get his daughter into treatment. Lindsay Lohan attorney whom made Lindsay Lohan bail last year, does not involved in this case. We still waiting for further press conference following her problems.
Steve discounted Michael’s claims, writing a press release stating that he had nothing to do with the estranged patriarch’s action.
Following this statement, Michael lashed out at Steve by sending him an abusive text.
Steve didn’t appreciate being called a “f**king liar” by Michael and finally called it quits with Lindsay.
Steve has remained silent on his decision to relinquish his role.
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